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Meedio rooms

Customize your own Meedio rooms to match the user scenarios of your organization. Highest level of privacy protection guaranteed. 
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Bringing next level workrooms to your organization


All meeting features included.
Encrypted and GDPR compliant.  


  • Manager module
  • Queuing system
  • White label
  • Branded lobby 
  • Video integration
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Build a safe space for your virtual communication with users, customers and citizens.  

With Meedio's advanced video technology, your organization can customize a virtuel workroom for every user scenario possible. 

Within your organization, each department and administration can have its own virtuel room, which can be accessed by clicking on a button from your website or app. In case of more than one room, a branded lobby will be set up from which the visitor can choose between rooms.  

Ideal for the public sector, healthcare organizations, sales within retail and customer service

Highest level of privacy protection

We have a European approach to data with privacy at the core. Unlike most video solutions on the market today, Meedio prioritizes your privacy above all else.

With encryption and GDPR compliance, you are guaranteed the highest level of privacy protection. No data will be collected, stored or shared.

Omni-channel solution

Set up a Meedio room with our technology, and add an access-button on your website, app and social media. It's a bit technical. But don't worry. We will do all the heavy lifting. 

One-click join

Join a Meedio room with one click. No need for registration or login. The user enters a room by clicking on a button directly on your website, app or social media. It's as easy, as it sounds.

Custom room link

Each room gets its own custom URL. Every time you need to host a meeting or join a specific room, you can just access the exact same URL as before. It's easy to remember and fast to join.

Customizable lobby

When entering into the virtuel selection of rooms, the user will be welcomed by an engaging lobby that is customized for your brand. From here, the user can choose which room to join. 
  • Virtuel workrooms to fit every user scenario of your organization 
  • Easy video integration on your website, app and social media channels
  • Encrypted and GDPR compliant to ensure the highest privacy protection

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